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Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) is concluding the first stage of a multi-phased project which aims at achieving higher operational efficiency and service delivery standards by automating key processes, incorporating a lean operational structure, introducing a modern operating concept and implementing comprehensive and systematic monitoring of operational performance.



BAS initiated in July the first trials of its newly deployed Resources Management System (RMS), which enables the company to plan for optimal use of its workforce and control better real time operations. The new RMS, which is based on SITA Workbridge platform, incorporates three components namely the Planning, Rostering and Real-Time modules.  

The company is also in the final stage of its operational restructuring process, which aims at a leaner and more efficient organizational structure where the existing manpower will be able to perform multiple functions in a more effective way. In parallel, BAS is progressing with the introduction of a modern operational concept based on the establishment of an integrated and centralized operations control area, the BOC (BAS Operations Centre). All key operational functions will be centralized in one location achieving considerable efficiency in coordination, communication and control and better response to issues arising in the day-to-day operations.  

As part of the systematic monitoring of quality and service delivery performance, the company is also finalizing the implementation of its Operational Performance Monitoring System (OPMS), which compiles several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in all aspects of operations, safety and security. The application was developed in house by BAS ICT department after the successful implementation of the BAS Corporate Performance Monitoring System (BPMS) last year. The system generates reports for monitoring operational indices and adherence to Service Level Agreements with customer airlines. 

George Saounatsos, Bahrain Airport Services chief executive officer, who is personally driving and oversees the above mission-critical project, said: “BAS is moving methodically into a new era of performance-driven and customer-centric culture. It is essential for us to streamline and advance our operations to ensure higher efficiency, quality and competitiveness while controlling more effectively our operating costs. In parallel, we focus on the development and training of our human capital aiming at the delivery of reliable and consistent service standards to all our passengers and customer airlines”.


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