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Manama, Feb. 28. (BNA) — As part of Bahrain Internet Society (BIS) initiatives to spread the awareness on innovative and inspirational IT internet concepts, ideas and applications, BIS is organising a half-day hands-on Mobile Applications Development Workshop on Tuesday, 9th April, 2013 from 4:00-9:00PM, at the Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel Spa. Mr. Nawaf Abdulrahman, BIS President, said “This workshop is part of BIS’ initiatives and efforts in line with and as part of the forthcoming Bahrain International e-Government Forum 2013.

This workshop is addressing the means local developers and executives use to create successful regional and international mobile products.”

On this enticing topic, Mr. Nawaf Abdulrahman, added: “BIS is working on organising this special workshop on ‘Mobile Applications Development” that will employ the expertise of two international leading figures in the field, Ralph Simon, preeminent global leader on Monetizing Mobile Content and Gary Schwartz, author and thought leader, who was selected this year as the Mobile Commerce Evangelist.”

Mr. Abdulrahman explained that the workshop will focus on a number of issues, which include:

1. understanding the evolution of content commerce on the mobile platform.

2. demonstrating the key audio and vision design components to a successful application

3. understanding the challenges of building a sustainable business model for utility, entertainment and retail applications.

4. dissecting the creation, implementation and launch of a successful application strategy.

5. finding , retaining and monetizing your customer.

6. relevant enhancements for the shopper, citizen and student consumer.

Furthermore, Mr. Abdulrahman presented an overview of the workshop saying: “The attendees will be tasked with brainstorming in groups over specific applications from concept to market. Guided by the thought leaders, the groups will share, in presentation form, their solutions to each other.”

Speaking about the outcomes of the workshop, Mr. Abdulrahman said: “at the end of the workshop, each attendee will leave with practical tools and concrete ideas on how to address their own mobile businesses in 2013, regionally and internationally”.

BIS president concluded, “I believe this workshop will enrich the participants with a rare experience that will impact their thoughts, practises and future business development plans in the mentioned topics. It is an experience that should not be missed, especially that it is meant to help participants develop effective tools that will assist and support them in creating successful regional and international mobile products. Therefore, I extend an open invitation to all individuals and companies that are interested to join us in this workshop and would like to know more about it, to follow up for updates or do an early registration, kindly contact BIS on 38836860 or 36211191. BIS members registering in this workshop will be offered special rates.


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