Bahrain Revokes More Citizenships, Number Raises to 187

More Bahrainis are becoming stateless as the Authorities in Bahrain continue to revoke nationalities against the international law. On Monday 9th November, the courts stripped two Bahraini nationals of their citizenship for political reasons. Five more had their nationalities revoked last week, raising the number of cases revocations by courts, ministerial decisions or royal decrees to 187.

This measure also subjects the families to difficulties as the (male) parent becomes stateless.

Amnesty International had said the arbitrarily depriving Bahrainis of their nationality and renders them ‘stateless’ and goes contrary to Bahrain’s international obligations.

Index on Censorship also condemned a previous decision taken by Bahraini Authorities that revoked the nationalities of 72 Bahrainis, including journalists, bloggers and activists.

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