Bahraini regime criminalizes all public gatherings and rallies

Presenter, Male #1
Thi-Qar artists organized an art exhibition hosted by the French consulate in response to the terrorist attack it was recently subjected to. The 21 paintings displayed in the exhibition represent a message of love and peace between the Iraqi and French peoples.

Reporter, Male #2
The 21 paintings drawn by Thi-Qar artists were embraced by the French consulate in al-Nasiriya. It is the artists’ attempt to confront the latest terrorist act that targeted the consulate, and to send messages of peace and love. The artists said it is also to confirm the common bonds between the Iraqi and French peoples.

Guest, Male #3 (Hassoun al-Shenoun, Artist)
The poster I presented carries Iraqi national symbols and French symbols. As an Iraq symbol, I chose the Sumerian guitar and from the French side, I chose Joan of Arc, the French heroine. So we displayed Joan of Arc playing our guitar to send a message of peace to the French republic, and to express the cultural and intellectual bonds between the Iraqi and French peoples.

Guest, Female #1 (Sudud al-Ramahi, Artist)
It’s the first seed of an artistic cooperation with the French, and hopefully this cooperation will continue. The painting I participated in displays a bridge between Iraq and France; the bridge being the first seed, a cultural bridge. God willing, this sentiment will continue and mark a positive opening for a large cooperation.

Reporter, Male #2
Intellectuals, parliamentarians, judges, and other segments of the society attended the exhibition and praised the step taken by the artists’ association. They confirmed their support for the French role in rebuilding Iraq. The best representation of that view is the construction of the bridge of civilizations in al-Nasiriya by French companies.

Guest, Male #4 (Aziz Kadhim, Member of Parliament)
The artists’ association, in cooperation with the French consulate, presented these paintings. They expressed support for peace, and a rejection of terrorists, killers, and criminals. It also aimed to be familiarized with the French consulate that came to the province of Thi-Qar, for the sake of this province, the sake of Iraq, and to rebuild this city.

Reporter, Male #2
The French consulate confirmed that this exhibition is the biggest message that can be sent to blind terrorism. This terrorism tried to impact the French presence and the rebuilding of Iraq by targeting its consulate.

Guest, Male #5 (Adel al-Kenzawi, French Consulate in Thi-Qar)
Peace can only be achieved through work. This art exhibition is composed of 21 creative works of art. The paintings were drawn by 21 Iraqi artists from Thi-Qar. They embody the Iraqi-French relationship and reject and denounce terrorism. It is also a stance in support of the French consulate in al-Nasiriya.

Reporter, Male #2
Yesterday, in this spot, terrorism detonated its sick hatred. But today artists sent a message of love and peace, and struck the spiteful. From inside the French consulate in al-Nasiriya, Hussein al-Jorani, Al-Iraqiya.

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