Bahrain’s message on World Civil Defence Day

Manama, Feb28(BNA) Bahrain will tomorrow (March1) mark the World Civil Defence Day, being held this year under the slogan Civil Defence and Disaster Reduction for Sustained Development”.
On this occasion, Interior Minister Lieutenant-General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al-Khalifa addressed the following message:

“Bahrain joins the world in celebrating World Civil Defence Day under the theme “Civil Defence and Disaster Reduction with Sustained Development.” Disasters can be a serious challenge to any country‚Äôs infrastructure.

To contain and manage an unexpected catastrophe, cooperation is required from Civil Defence, various government bodies and public supporters. Working together to maintain readiness, swift response capability, competency, and rescue and evacuation planning can reduce losses. A comprehensive emergency strategy that takes into consideration all possibilities and potential outcomes is necessary.

In the Kingdom of Bahrain such planning has been given the utmost interest and focus. The edict of His Royal Highness Prime Minister 55 of 2009 was issued to reorganize the Civil Defence Council and associate it with the National Disaster Management Committee that was formed in 2007 by Edict 28 by HRH Prime Minister.

The council is responsible for planning for disasters, following up on the implementation of tasks, and ensuring general safety checks and case studies to provide new, forward-thinking solutions.

To achieve community partnership, NGOS must be prepared to form and train voluntary teams to assist in rescue operations and support to civil defence teams. In addition, they must enhance community awareness regarding disaster response protocols.
The modernization of Civil Defence including modern equipment and technology further contributes to the development of a well-developed disaster response plan.
Today, we remember the efforts of pioneers who worked as firefighters under the Municipality Affairs before Civil Defence was assigned to the Interior Ministry on 5 January 1977.
The journey of Civil Defence is successful because of the efforts, talents and skills of the firefighters who are dedicated to saving lives and property. May God rest in peace the souls of Civil Defence personnel who have passed away and give happiness and long lives for those who are still with us.
We express our best wishes to them as they keep their watchful eyes on the safety of the public. May God protect Bahrain with stability and prosperity under the leadership of His Majesty the King. Peace, mercy and blessings of God. “.


BNA 2003 GMT 2015/02/28

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