Restrictions on the Movement of Vessels between Bahrain and Iran – Bahrain

The Association has been advised that the authorities in Bahrain have issued an Administrative Order, restricting the movement of vessels between Iran and Bahrain.

The Administrative Order states that due to the severance of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and Iran, it is prohibited for all Bahraini ships to visit any of the Iranian ports. It also prevents the entry of Iranian flag ships to Bahrain.

Furthermore, vessels of any flag are prohibited from proceeding directly from an Iranian to a Bahraini port.

A vessel of any flag, which has visited an Iranian port as one of its last three ports of call, needs the approval from Bahrain security authorities before entering Bahraini waters.

The administrative order (with a translation) is attached.

It is understood that similar orders have been issued by Saudi ports, but details are still awaited.
Source: UK PI Club

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