Citi Bahrain employees mark Global Community Day

In Bahrain, Citi volunteers got together and collected food items, toys, books, new clothes and any useful goods and donated them to more than 4000 families in need inside the Kingdom. The activity was organized in conjunction with the Red Crescent Society.

In the days leading up to and including Global Community Day, more than 60,000 Citi volunteers gathered in 95 countries around the world and participated in more than 1,200 service projects to benefit local communities.

Volunteerism is a central part of the Citi employee experience, with Citi volunteers regularly engaging in community service year-round.

Global Community Day spotlights and reinforces a shared commitment among Citi employees, clients, alumni, family and friends around the world to collaborate and dedicate their time and expertise to local community needs, including literacy and education, housing, environmental stewardship, health and human services, and disaster relief.

Last year’s Global Community Day on June 16, 2012, was a cornerstone of Citi’s year-long 200th anniversary celebration, and resulted in an extraordinary demonstration of the company’s commitment to service.

Continuing that enthusiasm, this year Citi volunteers are contributing more than 300,000 hours of service in 473 cities. As part of Global Community Day, among other efforts, Citi volunteers will serve more than 14,200 meals to the hungry, build 240 houses, and revitalize more than 200 parks, beaches and green spaces.

“Since our first Global Community Day in 2006, this company-wide initiative has quickly become a Citi tradition,” said Citi CEO Michael Corbat. “Last year’s Global Community Day saw the largest participation to date, and we are excited to carry that momentum into this year as we work side-by-side with local organizations to strengthen the communities where we live and work.”

Mazin Manna, CEO of Citi Bahrain, said: “Global Community Day is not only about Citi Bahrain’s staff coming together as a team and giving back to the local community. It is about more than 60,000 employees in 95 countries around the world, unified with one objective, playing their role as socially responsible individuals on this annual special day”.

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