‘지구 반바퀴’ 돌고 온 허명수 사장 한다는 말이…

  GSǼ ( ι°) 19 ƶ ƿҾƼƮ ü ã Ȳ IJ ѷ ִ. GSǼ Ӱ[Ӱ] " ϼ ۷ι η Ȯ ؿܻ ȭ϶." GSǼ ؿֿ 湮, η Ȯ ϸ ؿܻ ȭ ֹߴ. ⸦ ȸ Ȱ ۷ι Ǽü Ѵٴ ȿ. 31 GSǼ 12Ϻ 21ϱ 갣 Τƶ̸Ʈ(UAE)‧ƶ‧ٷ‧Ʈ 5 11 湮, 濵 . 10 ̵ Ÿ 23500, ̴ ½ Ѵ´. 湮 Ը ޾ 84400 Ѵ. ü 湮 캸 12 帮忡 μ Ϸ ó ̴ϸ ̻ȸ 14Ϻ UAE ̽ 3 ġ忡 Ȳ ޾Ҵ. ̾ ƶƷ ̵ IPC(International Polymers Company) EVA(ƿҾƼƮ) ü 湮ϰ, ٷ BAPCO óü , Ʈ 4 ̾ ã ͱ濡 Read more [...]

Bahrain : AUB successfully completes $100 million loan facility for BCFC …

<!-- end javascript to email the article -->Al Bawaba Ltd.Ahli United Bank BSC (AUB) has successfully completed a $100 million three year term loan facility for Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company BSC (BCFC). For this deal, AUB acted as the Initial Mandated Lead Arranger and Sole Bookrunner which was oversubscribed attracting several leading banks in the region.The intention of the facility is to refinance BCFC s present term loan and for the general working Read more [...]

A celebration of diversity as the nation unites on the pitch

The 21st Gulf Cup is over, and the UAE's national football team came back from Bahrain last week with the trophy in hand. We all celebrated their success; tens of thousands of fans travelled to Bahrain in support of what was described as "the dream team" and many more gathered around TV sets to watch the final. Winning the Gulf Cup for the second time was a historic moment for UAE football, and an achievement of which to be proud. But what we won in the Gulf Cup is more than a title or a trophy. Read more [...]

Bahraini princess on trial for torturing detainees

ABU DHABI- A Bahraini princess who works as a police officer is on trial for torturing two doctors while they were in detention during political unrest in the Gulf Arab kingdom in 2011, according to a senior official at Bahrain's Public Prosecutor's office.Sheikha Noura bint Ibrahim al-Khalifa is also facing a separate trial for physically assaulting Aayat al-Qormozi, a young female Shi'ite opposition activist, while she was in detention during the same period, Nawaf Hamza, head Read more [...]

Правоохранительные службы Бахрейна применяют слезоточивый газ для разгона демонстрантов

PanARMENIAN.Net - Силы правопорядка королевства Бахрейн применяют слезоточивый газ и шумовые гранаты для разгона демонстрантов, проводящих в столице несанкционированные митинги против действующей власти. Однако жесткие методы подавления не дают ожидаемого результата: оппозиционеры Read more [...]

Investcorp torna a guardare l’Italia

Investcorp – Sito web Investcorp torna a guardare all’Italia. La società di investimento del Bahrain, celebre per aver controllato Gucci ai tempi del Ceo Domenico De Sole negli anni Novanta, ha impiegato “molto tempo – ha spiegato a Reuters Hazem Ben-Gacem, head of corporate investments, Europe – in discussioni con i proprietari di alcuni dei più conosciuti brand. Siamo sempre alla finestra per marchi con il potenziale di uno sviluppo internazionale”. Ben-Gacem ha aggiunto che Read more [...]


Send by email (吉隆坡30日訊)高庭今日指大馬反貪會沒有邏輯及濫用權力,並撤銷反貪會就國家養牛中心弊案發出要求盤問商人拿督三蘇巴林2名代表律師的通知書。  高庭上訴及特別權力組法官拿督查麗哈尤索口頭裁決時說,反貪會向申請人兼律師拉蒂花(39歲)和慕爾妮(28歲),發出要求盤問她們的通知書,是恐嚇她們,以便取得2名申請人與當事人之間的資料。  法官說,反貪會援引反貪會法令第48(c)條文要求盤問2人做法,屬不合理及濫權。   “我看不到具邏輯理由,辯方要發出盤問通知書給2名申請人,她們僅是當事人(三蘇巴林)的代表律師。”  法官批准2人的3項申請,包括撤銷反貪會發出給她們要求盤問的通知書、反貪會于去年3月19日發出的盤問通知書無效,以及反貪會官員沒有權力記錄2人的口供。  不過,法庭駁回2人要求索償的申請。  2名申請人的代表律師是公正黨梳邦區國會議員西華拉沙律師;反貪會由高級聯邦律師伊芬迪代表。  拉蒂花和慕爾妮是于去年4月30日入稟高庭,要求宣判反貪會舉止違憲,以及要求撤銷通知書。  她們在申請中指出,她們于去年3月19日,陪同當事人三蘇巴林到反貪會錄口供。反貪會拒絕讓三蘇巴林在律師陪同下錄供,並以將傳召她們錄供的理由恐嚇她們。  申請指出,她們于3月19日接到反貪會援引2009年反貪會法令第30(i)(a)條文所發出的通知書,指示她們在3月23日到布城反貪會總部接受調查;若不遵從,將在該法令第48(c)條文下被控。 Read more [...]

허명수 GS건설 사장, 글로벌 경영 가속

GSǼ ( ) 19 ƶ ƿҾƼƮ(EVA) ü ã ڷκ Ȳ ִ. GSǼ ʺ ؿ ۷ι 濵 ȭϰ ִ. 30 GSǼ 12Ϻ 21ϱ 갣 , ƶ̸Ʈ(UAE), ƶ, ٷ, Ʈ 5 11 湮ߴٰ . 12 帮忡 μ ģ ó ̴ϸ ̻ȸ 14Ϻ UAE ̽ 3 ġ, ƶ IPC EVA ü , ٷ BAPCO óü , Ʈ 4 ʷ 湮ߴ. 10 ̵ Ÿ 23500 ݹ Ѱ 湮 嵵 ޾ 84400 Ѵٰ ȸ ߴ. ó ۷ι 濵 ȭϰ ִ ذ GSǼ ؿܻ ȭ ߿ ذ ̶ Ǵؼ. 濵ħ ùĿ 濵ħ '⺻ õ ȭ' ϰ ȭ ֿ켱 ߴ. ؿܻ 湮ؼ ؿܼ࿪ ȭ ؿ η Ȯ Ȯ ߴ. "ؿ Ǽ Ʊ ȯ о߿ Read more [...]

Bahrain’s rating outlook revised to stable on steady growth

Standard Poor's Ratings Services has revised its outlook on the Kingdom of Bahrain to stable from negative."The outlook revision reflects our view of Bahrain's stable growth, the likelihood of no further deterioration in the political environment, the inflow of Gulf CooperationCouncil (GCC) development funds, and our medium-term assumption of higher oil prices of about USD 111/barrel,' SP said in a statement.It also affirmed its long- and short-term foreign and local currency sovereign credit ratings Read more [...]

허명수 GS건설 사장, "글로벌 인재 확보해라"

GSǼ (56,100 400 -0.7%) ۷ι Ȯ ֹϸ ؿ ȭ . 5 11 ۷ι Ǽü ߴ. 30 GSǼ 12Ϻ 21ϱ 갣 , ƶ̸Ʈ(UAE), ƶ, ٷ, Ʈ 5 11 湮ϸ 濵 . 10ϵ ̵ Ÿ 23500km Ѵ´. 湮 Ը ޾ 84400 Ѵ. ؿ ֿ 忡 " ϼ ۷ι η Ȯ ؿܻ ȭؾ Ѵ" . ؿ Ǽ 嵵 ۷ι ü ȭ ġ ⸦ ȸ Ȱ ۷ι Ǽü ؾ Ѵٴ ̴. 12 帮忡 μ Ϸ ó ̴ϸ ̻ȸ 14Ϻ ƶ̸Ʈ ̽ 3 ġ 忡 Ȳ ޾Ҵ. ̾ ƶƷ ̵ IPC(International Polymers Company) EVA(ƿҾƼƮ) ü 湮ϰ, ٷ BAPCO óü Read more [...]